About Kyle Thomas

"A man's commitment is worth more than any signature on paper."

Strategic thinker with deep experience in international business focused on financial services, Big Data, Artificial Intelegence, cognitive computing, predictive analytics, enterprise software, direct marketing, organizational development and executive/life coaching. Specific skills include - design thinking, prototyping, strategic planning, personal and team coaching / development / motivation, leadership and organizational development, managing conflict, business development / sales management, sales operations and sales transformation.


  • Head Worldwide Sales and Solution Architecture - Cognitive Computing | AI, intel corporation
  • Founder, Integral Strategy Partners
  • Business Development and Executive Coach - Advisor XLINQ
  • Vice President Of Global Business Development , Blaze
  • Global Partnerships (Contract): Team, Fleet and Host Port Sponsorships, Clipper Ventures plc
  • Head of Global Business Development SmartDraw Software

"We're doing something incredible."

"Kyle is a superb business development leader and provides excellent insights on an executive leadership team. While not afraid to challenge the status quo, he does in a diplomatic and supportive manner. He has also proven he can attract the best technical sales talent in the defense industry. I really appreciate working with him."
Brian Womack
Signal Processing Fellow, Defense Intelligence
"Kyle is a big picture thinker, a team builder, and a shrewd executor. I have the pleasure of working with Kyle, crafting and selling AI-based solutions for financial services, government, and industrial customers. Upon interviewing with Kyle, I walked away with two distinct feelings - I can learn from him and I can trust him. I was not disappointed but impressed. I was impressed by his acumen, the strength of the team he put together, and most of all, his humble and serving approach to leadership. He's a "listen first" guy, seeking first to understand and then to be understood. In doing that, he empowers his team to execute. And execute we did - achieving record growth with more to come... "
Todd Singleton
Democratizing the cloud & empowering customers to expand into new markets.
"I have had the opportunity to be a part of an amazing team of people that Kyle has built in an extremely short amount of time. When I joined Saffron, Kyle was just starting with a daunting task: build a sales team almost from scratch, develop a brand new market (enterprise AI software), all while delivering several times revenue growth in the first year. Amazingly, we pulled it off. "
Jake Graham
Co-Founder and CEO at Bobsled