LoanWorks makes
Lending easier and better for
customers and loan officers.

Our Vision is to leverage groundbreaking technologies and organizational structures as the ideal company for customers and loan officers. Our Mission is to consistently provide ease, enjoyment, and financial success to those we serve. Our Culture is built on respect, excellence, innovation and continuous improvement.

Years AI Deep Learning
Process Automation
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Our Services

Ever imagined the ideal loan process? We have too, and deliver it daily. Your Loan Officer is super-powered by an Automated Artificial Intelligence Personal Assistant which has perfect knowledge of loan products, takes your application and processes your file in minutes, underwrites your approval in hours, and closes your loan in days. No more frustration or wasted time.

Process Automation is tremendously less expensive than traditional manual Processing, Underwriting, and Closing. LoanWorks passes these cost savings on to its customers in the form of Lower Rates/APRs - as always, we put you first.

Easy AI
Simple Process
Fast Underwriting
Always Accessible
Intelligently Accurate
Fair + Equitable
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Here are our sources of pride and motivation.

Key Leadership

Our Team

The senior executive management team at LoanWorks boasts vast experience in financial services, technology, and marketing. With renowned thought leadership and innovative approaches, they've steered the Company to the forefront of the industry. Their pioneering use of transformative Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and Blockchain technologies has revolutionized the Lending process and established us as a distinguished FinTech disruptor.

Troy Kennedy
Howard Nathan
Kevin Popovic
Bryan Morales

Executive leadership is unswervingly dedicated to continuous improvement. By leveraging emerging technologies, we will continue delivering groundbreaking solutions that serve the ever-evolving needs of customers and loan officers. This commitment to innovation and service excellence will maintain our position as the next generation lending platform leader.

"Our AI-powered loan company has spearheaded a transformation in the lending industry. By integrating groundbreaking technologies, we've improved success rates, created time and cost efficiencies, and set new standards in customer satisfaction for customers and loan officers."
Troy Kennedy - CEO
"LoanWorks, with its innovative AI-driven approach, has truly transformed my career as a loan officer. Its streamlined lending process significantly reduced stress and ultimately made my role more fulfilling and productive. My work-life balance has improved drastically."
Jodi Perry
Managing Loan Officer
“LoanWorks revolutionized my lending experience. Their AI-powered professionals and systems made the process swift, straightforward, and hassle-free. They provided me with exceptional service and enabled me to achieve my financial goals with unexpected ease. It's been life-changing."
Drew Dougherty
LoanWorks Customer